Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sang Hyang Segara Rekayasa

My worship is for God only
Universe creator and all its
I adore all of the great poets
To whom worship God only

ASTINA.—The leaders of Kurawa together with General Baladewa, the President of Mandura, discuss national catastrophe.

DURYUDANA: All distinguished leaders! As though those tsunamy ocean, extraodinary raining season, rainstorm, flooding, they would sink the earth, bacoming global catastrophe. Is it also happening in Mandura?

BALADEWA: Yes—exactly! Even many areas have been flooded by tsunamy of the ocean.

KARNA: It happens in the Propince of Awangga, too! Fishermen have been the victims! Marine tourism dies! It ruins here and there.

DURYUDANA: What's actually the cause of this catastrophe? How can we overcome it?

SAKUNI: Excuse me, Sir! Prehaps Prof Durna has an authentic thinking and a sophisticated problem solving strategy.

DURYUDANA: OK, Prof Dur—go to the podium, please.

DURNA: Nah, hahaha… thanks! A great expert needn't boasting in the podium! Suporting form behind! Nah, hahaha… you see my dear Kurawa—these do not only happen in Astina, Mandura, Awangga that fall into catastrope, but also happens in Bangladesh. More horrible! Nah, theoretically—there are cause and effect! Such a catastrophic effect is caused by an impact. Tsunamic ocean, rainstorm, flood, and even the icebergs in both polars of the earth have been melting—those all are caused by human deeds that do not care environmental life. Irresponsible ocnum!

BALADEWA: Krrk-phew! Bastard ocnum! Who is s/he, Prof?

DURNA: According to my research, that's caused by Antasena's exsperiment in the abyss of an ocean.

BALADEWA: Krrk-phew! Son of a bitch, Antasena!

KARNA: What does he want?

DURNA: For he is an admiral of Amarta, he has a political purpose. For the sake of Pandawa national power! He wants to be the authority of ocean and calls himself Sang Hyang Segara Rekayasa.

BALADEWA: What? Sang Hyang? Krrk-phew! Crazy! How insane Antasena is! Does such a title exist in holy book, Prof?

DURNA: Ah, No! I've read all bibliographies. The libraries of Sokalima University and Atasangin University I've researched. Either in ancient books such as Tantu Panggelaran, Kitab Manik Maya, Kitab Paramayoga, Kitab Kanda, Kitab Sudamala, Kitab Nawaruci, Kitab Gatutkacasraya, Mahabarata, Ramayana, or the modern ones—there is no Sang Hyang Segara Rekayasa. Sang Hyang the forger! Holy falacy!

DURYUDANA: All right, make theexperiment fail, catch and justify him!

SAKUNI: How if Amarta protects him?


“Good! Great! Acc!” + “Okay!” + “W-well!” + “OK!” + “Long Live Kurawa!” + “Long
live! Long live! Long live!"

BALADEWA: Krrk-phew! Percisely!

DURYUDANA: Al right, General Baladewa—lead the multinational troops. And Let. Gen Karna should lead the Paracommando troops of Astina.


KARNA: Yes, Sir!

“The Paracommandos of Ocean Operation—attention! Dursasana, Dursala, Dursata, Durmuka, Durkarna, Duradara, Durwigata, Durmagati, Kartamarma, Kartipeya, Citragada, Citramarma, Citrakandala, Citrayuda, Citraksa, Citraksi, Adityaketu, Bimabahu, Dirgabahu, Dirgalacana, Dirgarama, Dredarata, Drepasastra, Drestahasta, Drepayuda Drepawarman—ready to move!”

“March forward!”
“Yes, Sir!”

In the ocean war Kurawa
Is ready to attack Antasena

DASAR SAMUDRA.—Teritorial zone of Amarta.

“Krrk-phew! Bastard mine!”
“Look out the submarine!”

ANTASENA: Hmh, Kurawa—never think you can make Amarta defense ruin. Submarine of Antaboga the masterpiece engineering of Prof Dr Antaboga is very sophisticated. I'm Sang Hyang Segara Rekayasa doing an exsperiment in the Oceanoculture Sea-Lab for the future of Amartan nation. Whoever can't go into this Sea-Lab.

The earth quakes
The ocean storms

TUMARITIS.—In the earthly hollow-sorrow, Panakawan is joking.

“Excuse me, I’m Petruk Swayze. Dear Readres—how are you today? Fine? OK, so am I. Hehehe… in its story it's raining: wet, leaky, muddy! Ehm… Yun, Ren, Sis—what are you doing? Keep on showing off! When will you showw off in Matahari again? Alter! Go to campus please, hehehe… what about Wayang Kampus? Happy-dumpty! It's said: activist! Be scientific please, hehehe… not arty ah!”
“Talking to whom, Truk?”
“To my fans, of course!”
“Huh, pretending to be top n pop!”
“Hehehe… of coz! Eh, where's Gareng? Bang, Gareng Mbeling has been made yet?
Hurry up, it'll be played! I'll have a show—not only Bagong which is in action.
“U're sentiment to me, Truk!”
“I'm! Nah, that's Gareng! Come
here, Reng! Where’re ye from?”
“Show-biz!” + “Show off!”
“Zow, you know?
Not like u: show off. No sale!”
“Fuck u! I made an observation there to investigate the attitude of the consumerism culture to anticipate next business. It's enjoying!”
“O rather Bagong the urban!”
“Stop! Mr Jun is coming here!”

ARJUNA: Kang Semar—we should look for Admiral Antasena. So long he has not reported his job to Amarta.

SEMAR: All right, Sir.

Arjuna and Panakawan
Pass through the jungle

“E-e-babo-babo… Gog—there's a j-jungle p-passer c-comes t-to Pringgadinga-cala.
W-who's he, Gog?"
“Ssh! General Arjuna!”
“E-e-babo-babo… a-attack!”—(Whoosh!)—“C-ciaat!”—(Clunk! Thwack! Dig! Clunk)—“Hugk-khoeekh uhuooo… m-me d-dead, Gog!”—(Crash!)
“Cakil died, Lung!”
“Neven mind, Gog!”
“Grr-babo-babo, the deuce! Face me Dityakala Badaisegara! Hey, bro: Pragalba, Rambut Geni, Padas Gempal, Jurangrawah, Buta Ijo, Buta Terong, Buta
Endog—let's mob the devil officer!”
“C’mon!” + “OK!” + “Move!”
“One, two, three! Ciat! Ciat! Ciiaatt!”—(Boom!)—“Ouch! Ahk! Khk! Klk!”—(Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!)
“O Lord! All died!” + “All light! Let's go, Bro!”
“Who are u? O yez! It'z me Mr George! Yez, Mr Joz!”
“Wow! How cool the Buta's name—using a pop name! U loose, Reng.”
“Em… who are u, double Dutch?”
“Mistel Gabliel! Let's go ah! Nevel cale such a scloundle!”—(Thwack! Clunk! Dig!)—“Ouch! U beat me till bluised! Ef u wanna make wal, be spoltive! Caleless u!”
(Bang-bang!)—“Finish, Gong!”

All mal-giants
Died quickly

The teller tells
The tall tale

OCEANOCULTURE SEA-LAB.—Admiral Antasena called Sang Hyang Segara Rekayasa makes the world riotious because of his invention of Abyss Ocean Defense System, and his Oceanomigration can solve the demography of the world in the future by creating Seascrapper Buildings. Such a phantastic exsperiment causes pro and contra all over the world. There's no mystic-magic if Girinata, the President of Sorgaloka, comes down to earth.

GIRINATA: O the World of Divas! Antasena—stop thy exsperiment! Don't go after the God's will! And take Sang Hyang of thy name.

ANTASENA: Sorry, I can't! This exsperiment is not just a mere expert pretension. This title is not for pretending to be great! This is for life's sake.

GIRINATA: Babo-khhk-phew! It's rude! Aren't thou afraid of the multiuniversal troops of Triloka?

ANTASENA: Sorry, Sir! No!

GIRINATA: The deuce! Catch him!

“Ay, Sir! Indra, Bayu, Brahma, Wisnu, Surya, Sambu, Kamajaya, Yamadipati,
Temboro, Trembuku—sergap si Antasena!”
“Ay, Sir! Ay, Sir! Ay, Sir! Ay, Sir!”
“O the World of Divas!” + “Back off! Bayu back off!”
“Bergenzong-bergenzong, Antasena can't be destroyed! Actually super-powerful
he is! Dangerous! Only Ki Semar can overcome this case, Lord!”
“Look! Ki Semar's coming!”

SEMAR: What's the matter, Lord? Battling with Mr Pak Antasena I see. Mercy me, Maha Sang Hyang! For universe's sake—Sang Hyang Segara Rekayasa is actually moved by the power of Sang Hyang Wenang. Nah, Mr Antasena—the tour of duty's finished! Wenang creates, Wenang reengineers, Wenang nurtures nature. Is it right, Maha Sang Hyang?

“About LHN—our father's the expert!”
“What is LHN, Truk?”
“LHN: Lakonet of Hyang Nation."

SANG HYANG WENANG: Ki Semar's right! Manggayuh karahar-janing praja, memayu-hayuning bawana.

Pick the flower
To free whatever

Semarang, December 22, 2007 Ki Harsono Siswocarito

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sang Hyang Mayadewa

Sri tinon ing pasewakan
Busana manekawarna kebak
Puspiteng udiyana miyang
Hanjrah sarwa rukma …

ASTINA—The leaders of Kurawa hold general meeting to discuss the crisis of Kurusetra.

DURYUDANA: The distinguished leaders of Kurawa! The crisis of Kurusetra is a global crisis that should be overcome globally before it tends to be the Third World War of Baratayuda. For the Empire of Kurawa, this meeting is officially opened. Welcome General Baladewa.

BALADEWA: Iyo, thank you, ha, ha, ha, ha… sorry, I come late. You see—busy! There are so many internal affairs. For the sake of national development! Ha, ha, ha, ha….

SAKUNI: Hehe… idem! Even now Astina is campaigning world peace to prevent WW III of Baratayuda! That's it, Prof?

DURNA: Exactly! Nah, that's why Kurawa should apply a perfect strategy of international policy! Win without war! Nah, ha, ha, ha….

DURYUDANA: Precisely, Prof Dur! As a fully scientific theoretically sophisticated and referentially wealthy guru, you could give a perfect strategy!

DURNA: Nah, ha, ha, ha… of course, of course! Durna is not just a mere professor in action or professor in rank but a brilliant expert and a multi sophisticated genius!

BALADEWA: Krrk-phew! So proud! Prove it, Prof!

DURNA: OK! Based on research, the basic power of Amarta military defense is in the unity of Pandawa and Panakawan. It's the unity of apparatus and people! Nah, to destroy such a power—kidnap Semar! Use him as a hostage! If necessary, kill him!

KARNA: Wait a minute! It opposes human rights. Objection!

SAKUNI: Take it easy, Mr. Governor of Awangga! The policy is in the hands of Mr. President, the decision-maker.

DURYUDANA: Hmh, agree! What's your opinion, General Baladewa?


DURYUDANA: Great—Brig. Gen. Dursasana, prepare Panakawan Operation. Kidnap Semar!

DURSASANA: Ait! Yes, Sir! Ha, ha, ha… e-e-e, I'm going!

“Attention! This is list of field-officers of Panakawan Operation: Dursala, Dursata, Durmagati, Durmuka, Durkarma, Durwigata, Duradara, Kartamarma, Kartipeya, Citrayuda, Citramarma, Citrakandala, Citraksa, Citraksi, Citragada, Drepayuda, Drepawarman, Drepasastra, Dredarata, Ugrasewa, Drestahasta, Adityaketu, Bimabahu, Dirgarama, Dirgabahu, Dirgalacana…!”
“Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!”
They march forward
Ready to make war

Cautious Gatotkaca
The air field-officer

THE BORDER OF AMARTA—Krincingwesi aircraft super-speedily flies!
“Hmmm… bastard Kurawa! Face the aircraft of Amarta!"—(Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!)
“Look out the bomb! Face downward!”
(Boom! Boom! Boom!)
“Krrk-phew! Bastard aircraft! Dare to ban the troops of Astina—taste this!”—(Bang! Bang! Bang!)
“Break, Jangkarbumi Division, this is Marshal Gatotkaca needs helping Amarta infantry, over!”
“Well, Colonel Antareja is ready to help—”
“Contact Admiral Antasena!”
“Yes, Sir!”
BALADEWA: Krrk-phew! Dangerous!

KARNA: Dur, Dir, Cit, Karta… back off! Back off!

BALADEWA: Krrk-phew! How about you, Prof?
DURNA: Hard! Instead of damage, it's better to go back off. Turn to diplomatic tactic! I'm going to meet Governor Arjuna in Madukara.
DURSASANA: Good! Be careful, Prof!
DURNA; OK, good bye!

Immediately Prof Durna
Goes to Madukara

MADUKARA—General Arjuna welcomes Prof Durna.

ARJUNA: Good morning, Prof.

DURNA: Thank you! As an Astina delegation I'm ordered by President Duryudana to discuss the crisis of Kurusetra. To prevent Baratayuda WW III, for the sake of world peace, Astina asks Amarta for giving Semar.

ARJUNA: What for, Prof?

DURNA: To be the elder of Astina! Nah, if you are not objection, please send him to Astina.

ARJUNA: All right! I'm ready to obey my guru.

DURNA: Nah, ha, ha, ha… please!

The earth quakes
The ocean quakes

GARA-GARA—The narrow-minded tactic of political conflict is burnt by a deadly edge. Tumaritis is attacked by a greedily and bloodily wild epidemic.

Suwe ora jamu, Mas
Jamune godong telo
Suwe ra ketemu Mas
Lho kok malah bodo

“Wow, Gong—obsolete! Not progressive! Art should have an autonomous characteristic. It must be unique, not cliche!”
“Just for money—bitch!”
“What! Attacked by dokuism, art idealism withers!”
“No problem—Bug!”
“Stop-stop! Don't make a noise! Be respectful toward the readers.”
“Sendika dawuh, Raka Prabu—”
“Stop—bitch! Don't pretend to be such a mad dalang!”
“Hihi… I see, wayang's dialog is interesting. As if I were a dalang!"
“What'll u do?”
“I'll change my name to be Bagong De Vito—hihihi….”
“Dear me! Suppose I know what?”
“Eh, look, there is Mr. Jun!”
ARJUNA: Sampurasun! Excuse me!

SEMAR: Rampes, General Arjuna, come in please.

ARJUNA: Thank you. Mr. Semar, I hope you would like to join in a peace delegation of Amarta to Astina. Now you should go there with Prof Durna.

DURNA: That's true, Ki Semar!

SEMAR: All right, let's go—Sons, take care our village!”

“OK, Dad!”

It is reported Prof Durna
With Semar goes to Astina

ASTINA—In an underground dungeon jail Semar is sentenced. He does not become an ambassador, but becomes an antidote. He is so powerless.

“O, God! What sin, fault, guilt, or malpractice I did before, so that I get my bad fate like this?”
Duka daku dikau daki
Dikau duka daku daki

“Hey, Kurawa! Semar vanishes from the jail!”
“Krrk-phew! The devil! Who are you?”
“Surprise, Kurawa! I'm Sang Hyang Maya Dewa who made Ki Semar Badranaya free.”
“Dur, Cit, Karta—seize him!”
“Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!”
(Clap!)—“Ciaat!”—(Bang!)—“Ait! Pfuh!”—(Thwack! Dig!) “Ouch!”
“Krrk-phew! Bastard! Hiaatt!”— (Clunk! Dig! Thump!) —“Gulp! Hoeekh ooo…!”
“Look, Dur! General Baladewa is beaten until spitting!”
“Krrk-phew! Run, Cit!”
Kurawa run
Here and there

Sang Hyang Maya Dewa
Speedily goes to Amarta

AMARTA—General Arjuna requests political asylum.

YUDISTIRA: What's the matter, General Arjuna?

ARJUNA: Bad luck! I'm hunted by Sang Hyang Maya Dewa .

BIMA: Hmh, why?

ARJUNA: I sent Mr. Semar to Astina as a peace ambassador, but he's lost.

KRESNA: O, I see!

“Hey, Arjuna! The deuce! Though you go out of this solar system, you can not get rid of the prosecution of Sang Hyang Maya Dewa!”
ARJUNA: Protect me.

KRESNA: Let me face him!

“Babo krrk-phew! What do you want dark man?”
KRESNA: Excuse me, Prosecutor—it's right that Arjuna is in the prosecuted side, if he is proved wrong. However, Amarta is a law county, which appreciates non-guilty prejudice. Nah, let's solve this problem in the court.

“Don't shuffle! Arjuna involved in cheating man power, official mal-function, collaborating with Kurawa to plunge Ki Semar Badranaya into misery.”
KRESNA: All right, your witness can be use in the court. You can prosecute General Arjuna! Are you a citizen of Amarta?

“Yes! This is my ID card!”

KRESNA: What! Mr. Semar?

SEMAR: Yes, Sir! Sang Hyang Maya Dewa is only my pseudo-name!

KRESNA: O, o, o!”

SEMAR: Hehehe… all right, Mr. Kresna. I forgive Gendral Arjuna's fault! I should go back to Tumaritis. Good bye!

KRESNA: All right, Mr. Semar. Bye!

Semarang 19 December 2007 Ki Harsono Siswocarito

Monday, December 17, 2007

Prof Dr Bima Tanayatatwa

Anjrah kang puspita rum
Kasliring samirana mrih
Sekar mekar manekawarna
Maweh bebungahing driya

ASTINA.—The Rector of Sokalima State University Prof Dr Durna, General Director of Higher Education Prof Dr Krepa, and Minister of Education Prof Dr Bisma visit President Duryudana.

KREPA: Our Majesty President Duryudana, our distinguished Minister of Education Prof Dr Bisma, our beloved Rector SSU Prof Dr Durna, and all favorite leaders of Kurawa—good morning! In this occasion we visit Mr President on purpose to give a report on the autonomous existence of a private university, Bayupitu University, in Kurusetra, led by Rector Prof Dr Bima Tanayatatwa. The university becomes a heavy rival for all state universities of Astina. That's it, Prof?

DURNA: Exactly! Even more than that, the university can destabilize the nation of Astina for changing the campus to be a business place and political practice.

BISMA: Hmh! It's not ethical to change campus to be business place. It will be complicated if campus is changed to be political arena.

DURYUDANA: How dangerous it is, Prof Dur?

SAKUNI: Prof Dur! Prof Dur! Day-dreaming! The salary increases you are still in sad head, bitter-thinker, shabby-baby as always. Hehehe… do you have a personal problem, Prof?

DURNA: Ah, Pak Kun, don't tease me. Durna has cleaned himself from both self and familial interests for this country. Not for salary! Durna's life is dedicated for education progress. The result is not in vain—Sokalima is capable of making corporal and general, chairperson of RT and director of PT, statesman, bureaucrat, technocrat, and conglomerate. However, oh my Lord! Should the elite state universities of Astina go backward and be ruined? No way! It's better to close Bayupitu University! Dangerous!

KARNA: Sorry, Sir! Education is human right for all. Moreover, Bayupitu University is established in the region of Amarta.

BALADEWA: Hush, Karno! Karno! Button your lips! You can be a governor because of the memo of Mr. President! You become a statesman because of exploiting your wife! You upgrade your military rank because of your father-in-law's katebelece! Don't show off! Grrk-phew! You don't know yourself!

SAKUNI: Hehehe… Astina does not confess the authority of Amarta. The interest of Kurawa is for all! Mr. Karna should understand.

DURNA: Nah, ha, ha, ha… precisely! Furthermore, the impact of Bayupitu has made slebor professors, door to door lectors, impotent assistants, vendor scientists, because of crazy bankruptcy madly no money. Because there is no bonus for committee, honor for controlling and correcting national exam; there is no oily money for accreditation! Nah, ha, ha, ha… that's it, Prof Krepa?

KREPA: Ay, Sir! Though we are full of credit points, we always need credit coins.

DURYUDANA: Great! Close Bayupitu! Disperse! If necessary, destroy it!

DURNA: Nah, ha, ha, ha… accord!

DURYUDANA: Captain Karto, contact all troops of Astina!


“Banjarjumut Division, Banyutunalang Division, Banakeling Division, Ujunglautan
Division, Awangga Division, Mandraka Division, Mandura Division—ready to move!”
“Go forward!”
Standby sang Dursasana
Troop commander of Astina!

Kurawa attack the campus
The students deadly push

UNIVERSITAS BAYUPITU, AMARTA.—The Rector Prof Dr Bima Tanayatatwa invites Prof Bayu Kanetra an expert of pithecoidology, Prof Bayu Maningrat an expert of deusoidology, Prof Bayu Pulasia an expert of gigantoidology, Prof Bayu Estibanda an expert of monsteroidology, Prof Bayu Maruta an expert of austroculture, Prof Bayu Baruna an expert of oceanoculture, dan Prof Bayu Maenaka an expert neoculture.

BIMA: Our distinguished professors! Are you regret the action of Kurawa's troops?

KANETRA: Of course! But, I regard such an action is funny clown. And we could defend ourselves.

PULASIA: Huahaha… right! The attack's no significance for biomacrobot, my robotic engineering.

ESTIBANDA: And my future monsterobot could destroy the troops.

MANINGRAT: Bastard Kurawa! Such a snob Wayang's dare to show off. Overacting! Khhk-phew!

MARUTA: They should be educated, Prof! Make them nyaho!

BARUNA: All right! They think sciences only exist in Sokalima State University, technology only exists in Talkanda University? So proud!

BIMA: Great! The military action of Astina should be executed. Prepare the troops of biomacrobot and monsterobot to attack Astina.

PULASIA: Yes, Sir!

“Gigantoid Division, Monsteroid Division, and Pithecoid Division—ready to move!”
“March forward!”
The artificial soldiers move
Powerful and well equipped

The riot of

TUMARITIS, DESA DADAPAN.—Panakawan is joking.

“Hello, Friends—ahihi… I'm Bagong! How are you? Good! Rin, Nur—how is your exam?
All great I'm so sure! Ahihi… where is Ba'ang Petruk? Come here!”
home from urban, Gong? Using slang language! Variation! You always call kang,
and even njangkar, now ba’ang.”
“Don't get mad at me?”
“Not mad! Use Bahasa Indonesia perfectly and correctly. If you want to speak English, you should use it perfectly and correctly.”
“Bullshit! Pretend to be an expert! Pretend to be a linguist! You think I'm courser. You know I don't finish elementary school, don't teach me. Phew! Not necessary to speak correctly but beautifully. Make me yucky!”
“Hehehe… Gong, don't look at me like that, role
your eyes.”
“Up to me!”
“You see, Gong? Technically rich but critically poor is not a perfect art. Wealthy stylish writing without idea is not
“Phew! Fart u!”
Yu yus tu bi mai parti dol
Bat now yu sey de parti’s oper

“Gareng again pretends to a rocker, not fluently speaking likes chatting.”
“Huaha… Yeah! K’yu.”
“Stop—de bokaps kams!”

Semar: Let's look for Mr. Bima. Where does he go, Mr. Jun?

Arjuna: I don’t know, Mr. Semar.

Panakawan and Arjuna
Pass through the jungle

Raksasabala kagiri-giri
Mal-foe of all guru

RIMBA PRINGGACALA.—In the middle of the jungle General Arjuna and Panakawan are banned and robbed by the giants.

“L-look, Lung! T-the is a v-victim, l-let's b-bomb them, Gog!”
“Ko’e! Eh, ssh! Be careful! He is the warrior of Pandawa.”
“Hmfh, who are you?”
“W-what! Y-you k-know m-me n-not? A n-notorious Cakil? D-don’t g-go forward!—(Bang!)—“Ouch… I die, Gooog!”
“Hah, Cakil dies! Bastard! Such a pretty man is bravely in action. Son of a bitch! I eat u—hiiaatt!”—(Clunk!) + (Thwack!)—“Ouch! Bruised I'm… ouch.” + “Look out Bragalba!”—(Bang!)
“Ouch, Mrangalma dies! Nyangil dies! Dangerous! Run, Ngoog!”—(Thwack!)—“Ouch! Me die!”—(Thump!)
“Ahihi… Truk, all GPK giants died.”
“Hehehe… how
The giants made riot
The giants all died

In the jungle Arjuna
Meets Professor Durna

Durna: Nah, hahaha… accidentally we meet, General Juna.

Arjuna: Hi! Prof Dur, where are going—?

Durna: Dangerous, Mr. Juna! I left Sokalima because there is a coup in Astina. Pres Dur digusur! Kurawa pada kabur!

Arjuna: Who is the doer?

Durna: Artificial soldiers—biomacrobot and monsterobot soldiers from the Division of… ah, what is it? Basically, those all are the products of Bayupitu University. Help me, General Juna—save our almamater.

Arjuna: All right! Mr. Semar—let's go to Astina.

Semar: OK, Sir! Sons, let's go!

“Okay!” + “Come on!” + "Great!”

Immediately Arjuna
Goes to Astina

Riot in Bayupitu
Cast away Balakuru

ASTINA.— Arjuna visits Prof Dr Bima Tanayatatwa.

Arjuna: Excuse me, Prof Bima—such an action is too brave and disharmonious to Pandawa's policy. On behalf of Pandawa nation, would you please rehabilitate the government of Kurawa.

Bima: Hmh, OK! But the Regime of Kurawa never ever disturbs the autonomous right of Bayupitu University. Besides, you should look for General Bratasena who was kidnapped and sunk in the middle of an ocean by the Mariner of Astina.

Arjuna: What? General Bratasena was kidnapped by Kurawa! Oh, how dare, Mr. Semar?

Semar: Em-em-em, ahahaha… don't worry, General. Tan samar pamoring suksma anuksma, Prof Dr Bima Tanayatatwa is General Bratasena. And Prof Bayu Kanetra is Prof emiritus Kapiwara from Kendalisada University, alias General Ret. Anoman.

Bima: You're right, Mar!

And the great Semar's wit
Gives the professor's insight

Semarang, 18 December 2007 Ki Harsono Siswocarito

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Essay on Lakonet

Lakonet is a blend of the word "lakon" (wayang story) and "net" (Internet). This term used by Ki Harsono Siswocarito to refer to a new wayang genre that is published in the Internet. The aesthetic concept of Lakonet as a new genre of wayang refers to pedalangan literature.

Pedalangan literature is literary devices created by dalang in the performing art of wayang. It consists of murwa or pelungan (opening of pedalangan poem or suluk), nyandra janturan (first scene description) and pocapan scene narration), suluk (padalangan poem), antawacana (wayang dialogue), sabetan (body language of wayang), suara (voice, sound, and onomatopoea), tembang (song), mantra (magic poem), cerita (wayang story).
Murwa is the opening poem of wayang show, in pedalangan of East Java known as pelungan; in Central Java it is known as ilahengan; and in West Java it is murwa. Below are the examples of a short murwa and long one.

Kembang sungsang binang kunang
Cahaya nira kadya gilang gumilang
A long murwa below is from the pedalangan of West Java.

Adam adam babuh lawan
Ingkang ngagelaraken cahya nur cahya
Dangiang wayang wayanganipun
Perlambang alam sadaya
Semar sana ya danar guling
Basa sem pangangen-angen
Mareng ngemaraken Dzat Kang Maha Tunggal
Wayang agung wineja wayang tunggal
Wayang tunggal
In Ki Harsono Siswocarito's lakonet, murwa derived from literary pedalangan is modified into a new form. Below are the examples of English version murwa in his lakonets.

The glass screen, Gusti
Shadowing wayang
Wayang's obeying dalang
Dalang's ruling wayang
Its shadow is sign, Gusti

My worship is for God only
Universe creator and all its
I adore all of the great poets
To whom worship God only
And also

The greatness of a king
Is in his wise thinking
The greatness of a state
Justice for people to get
Nyandra is a scene description by using prosy language in wayang performance. There are two kinds of nyandra: janturan and pocapan. Janturan is scene description with gamelan music; and pocapan is scene narration without gamelan music. Based on the pedalangan of West Java, Ki Harsono Siswocarito modifies a nyandra and translate it into English below.

Sinareng nira kenya pertangga, watri gumanti sang hyang latri kapundut ima-ima gambura kalawan ancala. Gambura is the beginning, ancala is the hill of mountain, si Walangtunggal the story signed by asta gangga wira tanu patra. Asta is hands, angga is water, wira is wise man, tanu is ink, patra is words.

Words and ink are created into the alphabets of wilanjana wilanjani. Wilanjana is the alphabet of Ha, wilanjani is the alphabet of Alip. The alphabet of Alip spreading out in the West became thirty letters, Alip ba ta sa. Don't finish the alphabet of Alip, it is not the right place to concern with the alphabet of Alip.

Vanishing the alphabet of Alip is existing the alphabet of Ha. The alphabet of Ha spreading out in the East, falling into the island of Java, was created into the alphabet of kalih dasa, kalih two, dasa ten, the twenty letters are divided into four trends, such as: Ha na ca ra ka is east, da ta sa wa la is south, pa da ja ya nya is west, ma ga ba ta nga is north. Ha na ca ra ka is the governor, da ta sa wa la is the ordered, pa da ja ya nya is the bad heart, ma ga ba ta nga can not be said. The alphabet has died in the north.

Vanishing the twenty alphabet, exists again the alphabet, wulanjana wulanjani. Wulanjana ia desire of father, wulanjani is desire of mother. The desire of father falls into the desire of mother, goes into kenya puri. Kenya is woman, puri is a palace.

Which palace is going to be the opening? The…… palace is used as the beginning. Basically the state is panjang punjung pasir wukir loh jinawi. Panjang is told by people, punjung is highly distinguished, pasir is ocean, wukir is mountain, loh jinawi is very welthy, not lack of clothes and food, and diamonds. Who becomes the king? The king sits in the ivory throne of gilang kencana crowned by binokasri jewelry, wearing gelung gono, gelung gongsor, kelat bahu kempal dada, strapping on his keris of Kyai
Jagapati, pendok carved by coriander motif, its amar-amaran yellow silk, white silk, black silk, red silk, dodot gresik wayang. One playing dalang is dora sembada, dora is lie, sembada is fit. What cause becomes fit? There is a fact. What fact? There is wayang purwa. Wayang is shadow, purwa is the beginning. Only following an ancient plot, following old traces, old man began, young man just does.

But the difference is that the ancient wayang has been changed into wayang golek. What is the meaning of golek, disenggol or touched until dead lying, and its eyes still opening. However, the word golek according to Javanese is to look for. Looking for what, looking for its origin, because golek is not different from man. Hush dangerous golek is made similar to man. Is not golek made of wood, carved, painted, becoming a doll. Why can the doll speak alone and live? Golek is moved without move, gesture without gesture, because golek is spoken by dalang. Do not feel to be a dalang, only feeling to play wayang, to play dalang. Playing of what? Playing of wooden puppets, you see, audience need entertaining, better than sleeping in the evening.

Mountain without valley there is not a black monkey. The Long tale is made short, the short is cut, sebat kang genjotan.

Nayndra in lakonet is modified into short one, like the examples below.

MERCUKUNDA, SURALAYA—Sang Hyang Pramesti Guru Jagatnata is Sang Hyang Otipati, the king of Jagat Triloka, sitting on the throne of Kursi Gading Gilang Kencana, visited by divas, bataras, sanghyangs, gods, goddess, all citizens of Sorgaloka.

And below is the shorter one.

ASTINA—The leaders of Kurawa together with General Baladewa, the President of Mandura, discusses national catastrophe.


Pocapan is scene narration without gamelan music to tell its event. Below is an example of pocapan in Jaya Renyuan performed by dalang Dede Amung Sutarya:

Padmanegara nyandak dua hulusapu bade dicipta ku Kresna. Atuh Kresna rep sidakep ana sinuku tunggal babakane caturdriya--catur papat, driya angen-angen, sir budi cipta kalawan rasa. Pangambung teu diangge ngangse; soca teu diangge ningal; cepil teu diangge ngarungu; baham teu diangge ngucap lir ibarat anu paeh ngadeg, nanging bentena pedah ngangge ambegan.

In lakonet, pocapan is also modified into short one, and even like lines in poetry. Below are the examples.

All divas are prepared

To attack Triloka's foes!

And below is the poetical one.

The giants attack cruelly!

The giants fight angrily!


Suluk is the poems sung by dalang in wayang show. Below are the examples of suluk from the pedalangan of West Java.

Saur nira tandana panjang

Sinenggih sabda ya uninga lawan

Sabda ya uninga lawan

Sauri nira tandana panjang sinengih

Sabda uninga wis mama

Ulun layu dening sekti ala bakti dening asih

Ya ding asih

Wong asih ora katara

In lakonet, suluk is modified into couplet poems. Below are the examples of suluk in Ki Harsono Siswocarito's lakonet.

Standby sang Dursasana

Troop commander of Astina!

Kurawa attack the campus

The students deadly push


Antawacana is a dialogue between wayang figures, and a dialogue between wayang figure and nayaga (musicians), wirasuara (man singer), or jurukawih (woman singer) is called aside. Antawacana is presented after pocapan. Below is an example of dialogue in Jaya Renyuan garapan performed by dalang Dede Amung Sutarya:

KRESNA: Eladalah, Yayi, Yayi Setiaki.

SETIAKI: Kaula nun.

KRESNA: Kakang Patih Udawa.

UDAWA: Lo, lo, lo, Hahahah… pun kakang Patih Udawa.

KRESNA: Marajeng ka payun calikna.

Below is antawacan in lakonet.

BIMA: Our distinguished professors! Are you regret the action of Kurawa's troops?

KANETRA: Of course! But, I regard such an action is funny clown. And we could defend ourselves.

PULASIA: Huahaha… right! The attack's no significance for biomacrobot, my robotic engineering.

ESTIBANDA: And my future monsterobot could destroy the troops.

MANINGRAT: Bastard Kurawa! Such a snob Wayang's dare to show off. Overacting! Khhk-phew!

MARUTA: They should be educated, Prof! Make them nyaho!

BARUNA: All right! They think sciences only exist in Sokalima State University, technology only exists in Talkanda University? So proud!

BIMA: Great! The military action of Astina should be executed. Prepare the troops of biomacrobot and monsterobot to attack Astina.

PULASIA: Yes, Sir!



Sabetan is the body language of wayang including dancing, acting, and fighting. Dancing is the gesture of wayang accompanied by song and gamelan music. Acting is the gesture of wayang only accompanied with kecrek or kendang. Fighting is the gesture of wayang in war accompanied with gamelan music or only with kecrek or kendang. In lakonet, sabetan is presented by scene action.

RIMBAMALA.—Mintaraga is battling with the troops of Manimantaka.

“S-stop! W-who are u?”“Gong, let's beat em!”“Great!”—(Thwack! Clunk!)
Falling-surrendering (Crash! Boom!)—“Feel this! Whoosh!”—(Clunk!

“Phew! Bastards! Kaladurga, Kaladurjana, Kaladuraksa, Kaladurmala,
Kalastuwila, Kala-daksa, Kaladarba, Kalagarba, Kaladuskerta, Kaladusta,

“Reng, let's attack em with grenades!” + “Ok!”—(Click! Whoosh!)



Suara is voices, sounds, and onomatopoeia to complete sabetan, especially fighting. Below is an example of suara from a lakonet (lakon or drama in Internet) by Ki Harsono Siswocarito.

“Nurkala Kalimantra! Fight me Batara Wisnu!”

“Who? Wisnu? March—where is the champion of divas? Grrrk-phew! Look, are you
sleeping? O
facing downward! What are you doing, Wisnu?”

”No mal-question! Feel this missile of Cakra—you die!”—(Whoosh!

(Krep!)—“Huahaha… such a missile does not wrok!”—(Blep! Ccss!)“Crazy!
Useless, Wisnu!”

“Ouch, damn it—”

“Run! Run! Run!”


Tembang is song sung by pesinden (woman singer), wirasuara (man singer), or dalang. The opening song of wayang show is sung by woman singer. Song along with wayang show is sung by woman and man singer. Songs in Limbukan and Gara-gara are sung by dalang duet with woman singer or guest stars. Below is an example of the opening song from the pedalangan of West Java:

Sampurasun dulur-dulur

Nu aya di pilemburan

Wilujeng patepang dangu

Ti abdi saparakanca

Ti abdi saparakanca

Gamelan Munggul Pawenang

Nyanggakeun hiburanana, Juragan

La mugiya janten panglipur

Pangbeberah duh kana manah

The song below is sung by panakawan in Ki harsono Siswocarito's lakonet derives from Sundanese Asmarandana.

Gandasari buah ati

Pujaan urang sadaya

Buku pinuh kupapaes

Alus jadi patamanan

And he quotes and modifies a song from the Rolling Stones.

Yu yus tu bi mai parti dol

Bat now yu sey de parti’s oper

The original lyric is:

You used to be my party doll

But now you say the party's over


Mantra, magic poem in pedalangan, consists of two categories. First, mantra recited by dalang before performing wayang show. Second, mantra recited by a figure of wayang to show its power. The first example is the mantra of opening performance from Mpu Tan Akung:

Ingsun Angidhepa Sang Hyang Guru Reka,

Kamatantra: swaranku manikastagina.

The second one is mantra penyirepan recited by Indrajit to make other characters sleep:

Rep sirep si Megananda

Wong sarewu padha tumut

Salaksa wong serah nyawa


The story of lakonet derives from wayang stories. Wayang stories can be classified into pakem, carangan, gubahan, and sempalan stories. The pakem stories derive from Mahabarata, Ramayana, Serat Paramayoga, Serat Pustaka Rajapurwa, Serat Purwakandha, etc. Carangan stories are the modified versions of pakem stories. Gubahan stories are the adapted versions. Sempalan stories are the new creative versions of wayang stories. Pedalangan literature is very plural and has many genres. This case indicates that the plurality of Indonesian pedalangan has many kinds of styles, such as pedalangan styles of West Java, Centra Java, East Java, Bali, Lombok, Banjar, and etc. Lakonet is a postmodern genre of wayang that uses Internet as its medium of performance and publication. (Semarang, December 26, 2007. Ki Harsono Siswocarito)

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E-Lakon is a new genre of wayang stories that combines poetry, prose, drama, and onomatopoeia. This genre can also be lakonet, lakon published in internet.

Ki Harsono Siswocarito


Kembang sungsang cahya kunang
Kadia lintang gilang gumilang
Tembang hyang pangreka dalang
Dadia piwulang wong ngawayang

MERCUKUNDA, SURALAYA—Tribuwana Maharaja Sang Hyang Otipati Pramesti Guru Jagatgirinata is Sang Hyang Manikmaya, leader of Jagat Pramudita sitting on the throne of Dampar Kencana on a silk carpet embroidered by jewelry, visited by the diva leaders of Triloka.

GIRINATA: Kakang Panji Kanekaputra, why hasn't the catastrophe of Triloka finished yet? Even it turns to be calamity. All divas live in misery, all angles are sad; hapsaras are wounded, the sufferings of hapsaris are sorrowful. These all should be overcome, Kang Narada.

NARADA: Eladalah, Adi Guru—dangerous! The weather is deadly bad, Candradimuka is wildly mad, divas are very sad, Tribuwana is threatened by the giant mal-troops because General was refused to be the husband of Supraba. They will not go back to Manimantaka if they do not bring her. That's it, Indra?

INDRA: Yes, Sir! Supraba refuses to love Niwatakawaca. I myself don’t' want to be his father-in-law. Grr phew! How can a giant have a diva as his father-in-law? Sinner!

GIRINATA: O the world of diva! Basically the giants have no ethic. How impolite he is. If they can not be educated, execute! If they don't want to go back, exhale! If they force, terminate! Chase them away from Suralaya.

NARADA: All right, Gusti!—Bayu! Prepare the Triloka's soldiers. Kill the giant troops of Niwatakawaca!

BAYU: Yes, Sir!

“Batara Brama, Batara Surya, Batara Wisnu, Batara Bayu, Batara Sambu, Batara Kamajaya, Batara Yamadipati, Batara Kuwera, Batara Karaba, Batara Bermana, Batara Bermani, Batara Aswan, Batara Aswin, Batara Citragada, Batara Citrasena, Batara Sambodana, Batara Rawiatmaja, Batara Bermanakanda, Hyang Dewatama, Hyang Dewanggana, Hyang Dewasana, Hyang Dewangkara, Hyang Pancadewa, Hyang Pancaweda, Hyang Patuk, Hyang Temboro,—attention!”
“Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!—”

Tribuwana's troops
Ready to make war

Giant troops
Are in action

SELAMATANGKEP GATE.—The giant troops are ready to fight to force the divas give Supraba. The war strategy of General Krudaksa, the commander of Manimantaka, looks very powerful. In the left side stands Colonel Discreet; in the right side, Captain Wirakta; and in the back side, Lieutenant Kalawaktra.

KRUDAKSA: Krrk-phew! Diva, diva! Resisting Gusti Niwatakawaca's love is asking for catastrophe. If Supraba is not given, Kahyangan Solendrabawana will go to wreck and ruin! Even I'll make Suralaya damaged, ruined, destructive, vanished. Krrk-phew!

DUSKERTA: Good! Don't show off, diva! A giant can get married with an angle. To make inheritance better! Though the giant's smelly, his wife's pretty; though the giant's stingy, his wife's pretty; though a giant, his wife is Supraba. Good, isn't it? Ha, ha, ha!

WIRAKTA: Yeach! Supraba is very pretty. Truly pretty angle has no rival, perfectly beautiful! Oh, Supradin, e, Suprana, ha! It's wrong again—Supra what?

KALAWAKTRA: Walakadalah, Gusti! Look! The gate is opened! The divas are well equipped to fight!

KRUDAKSA: Bastard! Attack!

“Attack! Attack! Attack!—”

The giants attack
The divas back

Wildly battling!
Madly fighting!

“Go forwad, Diva!”
“Brave to Brama?”
“Brama? O, this is the warrior of Deksinapati: why is the diva of fire so cold n frozen! Whoosh!”—(Clap!)
Boxing-attacking (Clunk!) kicking-beating (Plunk!)—“Taste it diva—whoa!”—(Boom!), till blue and black! “Mercy me!”

Uncounted wounded!
Uncounted injured!

“Where is the warrior of divas?”
“Bayu: go forward!”
Boxing-clashed (Thwack!) and kicking-smacked (Smack!)—‘Gulp! Gulp ouch phew! Mad giant! Attack my back! Ouch… oh, oh, ouch! Give up!”—(Crash!)
“Dangerous, Surya!” + “Wisnu, back off!”

Divas' fighting
N to sky flying

NARADA: Dangerous, Adi Guru! The giant troops are really powerful, superpowerful! They make all divas powerless. How is this?

GIRINATA: Be calm, Kang Panji! Indra, look for a diva's warrior. Go to Indrakila—visit Prof Mintaraga.

Indra: Ay, My Majesty!

Batara Indra
Goes to Indrakila

In the middle tale
As comes gara-gara

KARANG KADEMPEL.—The sky above a village in a hilly mountain is like a crimson umbrella. The weather is brightly red! The peak of Indrakila hill looks powerfully beautiful! Singing a kidung song from a palm fiber hut is interesting. Panakawan are singing, dancing and joking.

Gandasari buah ati
Pujaan urang sadaya
Buku pinuh kupapaes
Alus jadi patamanan

“Ha, ha, ha, ha… Sundanese Asmarandana! It's Ok, too. Em, waiting for my boss concentrating, contemplating n meditating—here it is: strange! Em, yesterday he was flirted by Suralaya's chicks, he was still ignorant! Those pretty angles were not gazed by him at all. Even, I couldn’t bear. Ha, ha, ha….”
“That's it, Gong—strictly devoted: meditation for manggayuh karaharjaning praja mamayuayuning bawana.”
“Em, Reng—what's up?”
“Dangerous! A boar in the Lab!”
“Ha? Let's look!”

MINTARAGA: I shot it!

PADYA: I, the shooter!

SEMAR: Stop, Indra!

INDRA: Ha, ha, ha… sorry, Ki Semar—I pretended and teased Mintaraga for Suralaya. He is asked to be a diva's warrior to execute the giant troops of Niwatakawaca. How is it, Prof?

MINTARAGA: OK. I need Ms Supraba participating.

INDRA: All right.

Soon Mintaraga goes
To do his holly duty

Of kembang battling

RIMBAMALA.—Mintaraga is battling with the troops of Manimantaka.

“S-stop! W-who are u?”
“Gong, let's beat em!”
“Great!”—(Thwack! Clunk!) falling-surrendering (Crash! Boom!)—“Feel this! Whoosh!”—(Clunk! Boom!)—“O-o-ouch!”
“Phew! Bastards! Kaladurga, Kaladurjana, Kaladuraksa, Kaladurmala, Kalastuwila, Kaladaksa, Kaladarba, Kalagarba, Kala-duskerta, Kaladusta, Kaladursila—attack!”
“Reng, let's attack em with grenades!” + “Ok!”—(Click! Whoosh!)

The giant troops
Are all vanishing

And no longer
Supraba arrives

SUPRABA: Hello, Prof! Why should I follow u? I'm afraid of the giant. Phew… yuck!

MINTARAGA: Emancipation! This is the conflict of love that turns politically to multi-conflicts. Pretty woman, if smart, can be a political asset. Take a look! Because of love resistance, Niwa-takawaca wants to destroy Suralaya. Libidinal Resistance turns to be a destructive aggression. Dangerous! He should be executed! Nah, in order that he opens his secret, you flirt him—adore him deadly, seduce him madly, tease him till drunk and surrender!


Together they go
To Manimantaka

A Giant love song
Ala Niwatakawaca

MANIMANTAKA.—Suddenly the madly crazy face of General Niwatakawaca looks happily when he meets Supraba.

NIWATAKAWACA: Hait, Supraba! Ha, ha, ha, ha… finally you come here,, oh… Supraba, a multi-pretty chick, a sweet-romantic gal, a sexy-foxy lady, an interesting-wanting virgin, a beautifully wonderful woman, oh… Supraba, I like gazing, looking at u, oh… Supraba, since an ancient time I always miss u, for long time I has been loving u, oh… Supraba, what is wrong with me? Maharaja, wealthy, oh… Supraba, I'm really wow! Do u know that? Whoa, ha, ha, ha….

SUPRABA: So sure, Sir! Wow! Manimantaka is glamour, powerfully beautiful gigantically pretty! I regret I ever refused your love. H-u-uh, cause of my dad, neko-neko! Mercy me, Sir? Truly I love u. thou u are giant, u are a king, very wealthy and super-powerful….

NIWATAKAWACA: Whoa, ha, ha, ha… exactly true, oh… Supraba, no one can be my rival! I'm super-powerful, great-plus-glorious n tough-plus-steady, oh… Supraba, cause I'm smart to hide my weakness—

SUPRABA: What's it?


As the secret's opened
The Pasopati stabs it

Suddenly dies

Semarang, 30 November 2007 Ki Harsono Siswocarito